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The Study Group for Literature and Culture (Werkgroep Literatuur en Cultuur or WOLEC) offers lunch lectures in which our speakers tackle a broad range of subjects and methodologies. We host a variety of modules, from reading sessions to lectures to discussions, etc. Each year, we receive a number of guest lecturers and young researchers from the VUB and beyond. The aims of the study group are to provide our speakers with the opportunity to present their work in an informal context, and to allow researchers to exchange views with their fellow researchers as well as with more experienced colleagues. 


In addition to the lunch lectures, this academic year, WOLEC wants to devote five sessions to creative writing.


These sessions are an invitation to CLIC members to join a small, permanent group whose members, meet up five times over several months to reflect on the creative essay as well as to write their own text belonging to this subgenre. The topic of their essay may or may not be related to their literary research. A first, introductory session will take place on 19 November at 12:00 in room 5C402.


Past creative writing sessions:


21/2 Janna Aerts (VUB), Brenda Bikoko (VUB) Anthony Manu (VUB), Hannah Van Hove (VUB), Carolien Van Neerom (VUB)

  • Creatief schrijven: bespreking essays


28/3 Els Moors

  • Creatief schrijven


26/4 Els Moors

  • Creatief schrijven


More information about the program (in Dutch) can be found in the attached invitation



Upcoming WOLEC sessions:


Hans Demeyer (UCLondon)

Seminar over de hedendaagse roman met tussenkomsten van Stefan Clappaert (VUB), Jade Thomas (VUB), Helena Van Praet (UCLouvain), Florian Deroo (UGent/VUB), Dag Houdmont (ULB), Senne Schraeyen (VUB) & Hannah Cornelus (UGent).

Materials here.



Past WOLEC Sessions:


01/04/2022 Senne Schraeyen (VUB) Roger Raveel: Providing a New Vision on the Complex Rural Landscape
23/03/2022 Katrien Vanhamel (VUB) De Expo 58 in de kunstkritieken van Jan Walravens


Hannah Cornelus (UGent)

Ecological Interconnectivity in Contemporary French Fiction
27/01/2022 Jade Thomas (VUB) '(Re)Staging/Playing Slavery in the 21st-Century: A Case-Study of Jeremy O. Harris’s Slave Play (2018)'
16/12/2021 Stefan Clappaert & Hannah Van Hove (VUB) Creatief schrijven: oefeningen
10/12/2021 Stefan Clappaert & Anthony Manu (VUB) Denkkaders in de 21e-eeuwse literatuurwetenschap: Peter Stockwell - Cognitive Poetics: An Introduction (2002)
19/11/2021  Anthony Manu (VUB) Creatief schrijven: inleiding

Alexandra Saemmer (Paris 8)

Master Class by the CLIC Lorand Chair Intermediality

Paper, Web and Stage: Cross-Medial Interactions between Database and Narrative
4/06/2021 Bette Dam (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) The narratives of contemporary war journalism


Laura Folica (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Master Class by the Emile Lorand Chair in Spanish Literature

Social Networks of the Past. Mapping Hispanic and Lusophone Modernity through Literary Translation in Periodicals


Ezzahra Benlahoussine (Mohamed V University)


Irina Stanova (VUB)

City-as-Text, Text-as-City: Mestizage and Hybridity in Juan Goytisolo’s text Makbara


Containing an Epidemic: Reassessing W. S. Maugham’s The Painted Veil and Its Film Adaptations




Stefan Clappaert & Anthony Manu (VUB)


Denkkaders in de 21e-eeuwse literatuurwetenschap: leessessie Hans Demeyer & Sven Vitse - Affectieve crisis, literair herstel (2021)
19/03/2021 Tessel Veneboer (UGent) The queer potential of fragmentation: sexuality and identity in Kathy Acker's work


Chiara Zampieri (KUL)

Modern Etruscans

18/2/2020 Moderator: Carolien Von Nerom (VUB) Roundtable: Defining Narrative
18/12/2019 Rachele Gusella (VUB) “Every good artist makes their audience uncomfortable”: Street poetry as an expression of the political and social crisis in Western Europe


Giovanni Pietro Vitali (University College Cork/Marie Curie Research Fellow)

Last Letters from the World Wars. Analysing Texts of Conflict through a Digital Approach


Hannah Van Hove (VUB/FWO)

‘Belonging nowhere’?: British experimental women writers and the politics of marginalisation


Mathias Meert (VUB/FWO)

Pantomime and/as Literature: Text, Theatricality, Genre


Helena Van Praet (VUB)

Materiality and Textuality in the Work of Anne Carson


Anthony Manu (VUB)

Humour in nineteenth-century lyric (H. Heine, A. de Musset, L. Eichrodt, G. Nadaud, W.S. Gilbert, P.A. De Génestet, F. HaverSchmidt and C. S. Calverley): adaptation and application of recent models for textual humour


Andrea Penso (VUB/FWO)

The Italian Reception of English Novels During the Long 18th Century: A Digital Approach


Carolien Van Nerom (VUB)

Meaningful Minimalism: Narrative Strategies in Operas by Philip Glass


Thomas Thoelen (VUB/FWO)

The ‘Techno-Logical’ Voice of Writing in Beckett’s The Unnamable


Zhuyun Song (VUB)

Chinese European literature in the theoretic field of postcolonial literature


Charles Derre & Michel De Gruijter (DBNL)

DBNL: Aspecten en functionaliteiten voor onderzoekers en docenten


Carolien Van Nerom (VUB)

Reading session: Philip Glass – from novel to minimalist opera


Janna Aerts (VUB)

Reading session: Henri Lefebvre. ‘Work and Leisure in Everyday Life’ (1958)


Stéphane Hirschi (Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis)

Chanson et intermédialité


Annelies Augustyns (Universiteit Antwerpen) 

Urban Experience in the Third Reich: A Topopoetic Analysis of German-Jewish Autobiographical Literature from Breslau


Alyssa Verhees (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Ekfrasis voorbij: het kunstwerk als ding in het oeuvre van Stefan Hertmans


Marc Farrant (Goldsmiths, University of London)

“With so many millions of souls to count [...] what does it matter if they miss one?”: The Word of God in Coetzee’s Jesus Novels


Atinati Mamatsashvili (Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)/Staatsuniversiteit Ilia Tbilisi)

Déconstruction de l’imaginaire antisémite : Klee, Heartfield, Beucler, Thomas



Audrey De Landtsheer and Ellen Voets (VUB)

Presentation of Master Theses: ‘Evolution of the Portrayal of Women in Rewritings of Charles Perrault’s “Bluebeard”’ and ‘Differences and similarities in the portrayal of women in fairy tales written by female authors across the ages’


Julio Monteiro (University of Brasília)

Literature, History, Memory: The Historical Novel in Suriname


Jan Vanvelk (KU Leuven)

The Animal, the Alien, the Machine: The Rhetoric of Humanity in H .G Wells


Mareike Sera (Humboldt Universität Berlin)

Next to nothing. Exhaustion and abundance in Jan Švankmajer's The Fall of the House of Usher (1980) and the writing of Henri Michaux


Bart Vervaeck (KU Leuven)

Een greep op het ongrijpbare. Over unnatural narratology


Douglas Atkinson (VUB)

De rol van stilistische en conceptuele negativiteit in het werk van Beckett


Bram Lambrecht (KU Leuven)

Ik, jij, wij. De morele exemplariteit van Alice Nahons poëzie


Claus Peter Neumann (Universidad de Zaragoza)

Loving the Goat: Edward Albee’s The Goat; or, Who is Sylvia as representative American tragedy


David Martens (KULeuven / MDNR)

Autoportrait de l'écrivain en vis-à-vis. L'entretien dans les collections de monographies de poche illustrées "Qui êtes-vous?" (La Manufacture) et "Les Contemporains" (Le Seuil)


François Staring (VUB)

Lezen hoe luisteraars verbeelden: associatieve beschrijving in de muziekroman van de twintigste eeuw


Birgit Neumann (Universität Düsseldorf)

Postcolonial Ekphrasis and Counter-Visions in Derek Walcott’s Tiepolo’s Hound – Contact Zones, Contests and Translations


Lesley Penné (VUB)

Grenslandschap in een land zonder grenzen - Heimat in de literatuur van de Duitstalige Gemeenschap


Janine Hauthal (VUB)

Fictions of Europe: Transnational Discourses in Contemporary British Literature


Nele Wynants (ULB/UA)

Philosophical Toys: Optical illusion at Play in Theatre and Performance


Audrey Garcia (Université Montpellier 3, RIRRA21)

Posture(s) transmédiale(s) au prisme du cas Cocteau


Anneleen Van Hertbruggen (UA)

Het nationaalsocialisme als politieke religie. Religieus taalgebruik in nazi-propagandapoëzie


Sophie Zimmer (Leo Baeck Institute London) 

Jewish Topographies in post-1989 Berlin


Lieselot De Taeye (VUB/FWO)

Experimenteel realisme: documentaire aspecten in het Nederlandse en Vlaamse proza van de jaren '60 en '70


Vik Doyen (KU Leuven)

Close reading of genetische tekstkritiek? Hoe bestudeer je het literaire werk van Malcolm Lowry?


Kila van der Starre - Arno Van Vlierberghe (MaNaMa Literatuurwetenschap)

‘Een beminnelijke prater op visite.’ Nederlandstalige poëzie op geluidsdragers; 

De ritmische impuls als kloppend hart in ‘Messiah’ (C.C. Krijgelmans) en ‘Het boek ik’ (Bert Schierbeek)


Guy Dugas (Université Paul Valéry – Montpellier III)

Albert Memmi et le post-colonial au Maghreb (1957-2004)


Thomas Ernst (Universität Duisburg-Essen)

Literatuur en subversie: politiek schrijven in het hedendaagse Duitstalige proza


Kristiaan Versluys (UGent)

Het trauma van 9/11 in de Amerikaanse literatuur


Bart Keunen (UGent)

Sleutelbegrippen in de narratologie: de ‘chronotoop’


Mathias Meert (VUB/FWO)

In gesprek met Beer-Hofmann. Auteursbeeld en schrijversbezoek als paratekst en ‘Erinnerungsraum’


Chiel Kattenbelt (Universiteit Utrecht)

‘The Experience of Temporality in Time-Based Media’


Claire Swyzen (VUB)

‘Textimonies’ in Documentary Theatre: From Authentic ‘Character’ to Post-Human ‘Data Body’


Lars Bernaerts (VUB/UGent)

Sleutelbegrippen in de narratologie: ‘bewustzijnsvoorstelling’