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Hannah Van Hove Portrait

Hannah Van Hove

Post-doctoral researcher


Hannah Van Hove completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow before embarking on an Erasmus Mundus MA course in European Literary Cultures in Strasbourg, Bologna and Thessaloniki. Her MA thesis explored the influences of the French nouveau roman on the work of Ann Quin. She returned to Glasgow to undertake her PhD which was concerned with the fiction of British avant-garde writers Anna Kavan, Alexander Trocchi and Ann Quin. She is Secretary of the Anna Kavan Society, has presented at various conferences across the UK on British twentieth century fiction and sat on the editorial board of the Modernist Studies Special Edition of the Postgraduate Journal Ecloga. At the VUB, she is currently working on a 3-year postdoctoral research project entitled ‘Unstable Subjectivities in British Post-War Experimental Women’s Writing’, looking in particular at representations of divided and fragmentary selves in the work of Eva Figes, Brigid Brophy, Christine Brooke-Rose, Ann Quin and Anna Kavan. 





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