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Journal for Literary and Intermedial Crossings: Volume 5 Issue 1

  • December 9, 2020

The latest issue of the Journal for Literary and Intermedial Crossings has been published. Read it here.


Volume 5 Issue 1

Janine Hauthal, Mathias Meert, Ann Peeters, Andrea Penso and Hannah Van Hove, "Introduction"

Rachele Gusella, Ann Peeters and Andrea Penso, "'Poeta sei tu che leggi': An Intermedial Analysis of the Italian Street Poetry Panorama"

Sabine Hillen, "When Big Screens Meet Small Screens: Deferred Homecoming in Johan Grimonprez's Shadow World

Marie Devlieger, "'We Shall Die ... I Shall Die': Death and Alterity in Carlos Fuentes's The Death of Artemio Cruz"

Wenjun Zhu, "Bodies in Samuel Beckett's Theatre from the Perspective of Alberto Giacometti's Sculptures" 

Lisa Chinn, "How the Mimeo-Magazine Sounds in 1960s Counterculture: The Floating Bear as Sonic Artifact" 

Jeremy Lakoff, "Changing Hands, Changing Forms: Dracula and Intermediation"