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Master class: “Paper, web and stage: Cross-medial interactions between database and narrative”

Location: online (via Zoom)
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For several decades, authors are experimenting with the narrative and poetic potential of databases and generative grammars. Although the web medium appears spontaneously welcoming to these literary forms, they are also remediated on stage and in paper books. With recent developments in machine learning, the aesthetics and poetics of the database give rise to further experimentation. This masterclass will be dedicated in particular to cross-medial interactions between database and narrative.


Bertrand Gervais (Université du Québec à Montréal)
“Exhaustiveness as an Aesthetics. Using Databases in a Narrative Context”

Claire Swyzen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
“The Computer as Performer – the Performer as Computer”

Alexandra Saemmer (Université Paris 8 / CLIC Lorand Chair for Intermediality VUB)
“My databased others - writing fictional profiles on social media”

Ruben Vanden Berghe (Ghent University)
Digital Hallucinogens: Patterns of Linearity and Randomization in Tonnus Oosterhoff’s Database Writings

- Break -

Erika Fülöp (Lancaster University)
“From small data to grand narrative, or how storytelling squares digital circles”

René Audet (Université Laval à Québec)
“When textual bots meet literature: what about authority, aesthetic assessment, and readability”

Siebe Bluijs (Tilburg University)
“The ideology of ‘dataism’ and its historical antecedents in Public Thought’s Fact and Figures”

The master class is a collaboration between CLIC – Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings (VUB), the inter-university group SEL – Centre for Study of Experimental Literature (UGent/VUB) and WOLEC – the Study Group for Literature and Culture (VUB).

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