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The new JLIC issue is online!

  • February 10, 2021

The new JLIC issue entiled Robinson Crusoe's nalatenschap / Legacies of Robinson Crusoe is now online!


This special issue stems from the CLIC day Robinson Crusoe revisited organised in November 2019 as a tribute to the tercentenary of Daniel Defoe’s masterpiece (1719). It includes the following articles:


- Elisabeth Bekers, Andrea Penso and Hannah Van Hove, "The Legacy of Robinson Crusoe : The First Novel in English as Catalyst for 300 Years of Literary Transformation"

- Andrea Penso, "Robinson Crusoe and the Others: On the Early Conceptualization of the English Novel in Italy"

- Emilie Sitzia, "Lost in Intersemiotic Translation? J. J. Grandville’s Illustration of Robinson Crusoe”

- Mathias Meert, "Literature, Authorship and Childhood in Friedrich Forster’s and Josef von Báky’s Robinson soll nicht sterben"

- Daniel Acke, "Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique van Michel Tournier: Natuurlijke Mystiek en “Onpersoonlijkheid”"

- Helena Van Praet, "Genre Developments in the 21st Century: Representation and the Network in Anne Carson’s Float"

- Zhuyun Song, "Anti-Orientalism in Guo Xiaolu’s Village of Stone"

- Anthony Manu, "Narrative Coherence and Postcolonialism in Tomorrowland (2009) and Tender Girl (2015) by Lisa Samuel"

- Lisa Samuels and Hannah Van Hove, "Transplace Poetics: A Conversation and Reading with Lisa Samuels"

- Fouad Laroui, "Ibn Turfayl et Robinson Crusoe"



To see more, follow this link.