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Yuxin Yan

PhD student


My name is Yuxin, recently I joined VUB as a Phd fellow in Linguistics and Literary Studies department. I obtained a master’s degree in Fine Art this June. My undergraduate and postgraduate major is film production. I have written and directed some student micro-films as my research in practice. My goal has always been to spread the culture of Chinese cultural ethnic minorities. My films and scripts are all based on the background of Chinese cultural ethnic minorities. Under the supervision of prof. Sabine Hillen and prof. Katazyna Ruchel-Stockmans, I am working on the VUB-CSC Phd Program on Arts and Linguistics and Literary studies. The program aims to find out the predicament and limitations of Chinese cultural minorites’ musical films by comparing them with Indian musical films and French musical films, and try to find out what interests the audience, so as to dig out its charm and characteristics.